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A worldwide shortage of nurses has been acknowledged by the multidisciplinary Global Advisory Group of the World Health Organization. According to available survey reports,  more than 69% of employers globally face significant difficulties filling job vacancies. The Covid-19 pandemic has further deepened this crisis. An estimated 13 million more nurses may be needed by 2030. 


India has been supplying the world with trained nursing manpower since the 1970s. And as of 2022 India has nearly 35 lakh registered nursing personnel. Today, it is one of the biggest providers of nursing manpower, second only to the Philippines. 


The opportunities, to say the least, are immense. But we have to make sure that the candidates are guided in the correct manner. If that means hand holding them every step of the way, we are more than prepared to do so.   

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“You don’t earn loyalty in a day. You earn loyalty day-by-day.”  

–  Jeffrey Gitomer, Author

Samit’s Academy of Training and Education Private Limited is a registered company regulated by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in India. It squarely positions itself in the ever-growing Education and Training space. Ever since its incorporation in 2016, it has focused on giving a concrete shape to your dreams of a life on foreign shores. By helping you clear the hurdles. All the way.

We take PRIDE in our work. Our Passion is matched only by our Respect for our esteemed customers who expect nothing but the best from us. Our Integrity and Discipline have consistently helped us to achieve Excellence.

What helps us to stay the course and never stray from the path? The answer to one simple question: “Would you do that to your mother?

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Samit’s English Academy Private Limited performs a range of services for its esteemed clients. You. We do everything to ensure that you are properly guided and kept informed at every turn. Our mentoring places emphasis on making you the best fit for the vacancy that you wish to apply for.  

Jobs are highly valued in our society. A source of employment means a degree of stability, and a life lived in dignity. It can also suggest upward mobility and an opportunity for one’s betterment. Therefore, people are willing to invest their hard-earned money in order to secure the same.

These are conducted by the flagship unit, Samit’s English Academy. Classroom as well as Online coaching sessions are available. Much emphasis is placed on developing Speaking and Writing skills. Regular classwork, home assignments, and mock tests ensure that the students clear their exams with flying colours. With your blessings, the Academy has remained consistently excellent.

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Just cracking the test is not enough. It surely is a start, but you still have a way to go. In many cases, acing the interview is more important.

These intensive programmes better your chances. Quite often, leading to successful placements. They are aimed at developing the non-core but equally-important abilities of the candidates. 


  1. Basic English Communication
  2. UK-Level 3 Nursing Adaptation Programme


In our desire to stay abreast of developments, we, along with our experienced partners, are busy introducing new programmes. Just so that you never find yourself at a disadvantage. As old courses are updated and new ones added you will be informed. 


Watch this space.

Emigrating to another country does involve you going through several hoops – the required test/s, interview/s (if any), and the necessary documentation work. It can be a frustrating and confusing process. From form filling and application to submitting a number of mandatory documents for visa filing. As if this was not enough, the slightest error on your part can lead to a rejection. 


And that is where we come in. Yet again. Help us help you. Rest assured that all will work out just fine.

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